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Biological Recording Courses


Manchester Metropolitan University is now running courses in Biological Recording in association with the Field Studies Council (FSC) and the Botanical Society of the Britain and Ireland (BSBI).

Biological Recording is the accurate identification and documenting of biodiversity. Hundreds of British ecologists have gone on to carry out invaluable work for the likes of the National Trust, the Wildlife Trusts, the Natural History Museum after graduating from the programmes

We cover:

  • Site and species evaluation
  • Wildlife legislation
  • Identification of difficult taxa with scope for specialization in invertebrates or plants
  • Computerising field data
  • Research methods including statistics.

The courses cater for people in full time employment and attended by students from all parts of Britain, Ireland and mainland Europe.

Identification courses such as the University Certificate (UCert) and MSc are taught at Field Studies council centres around the country with most of them at Preston Montford field centre just outside Shrewsbury.

Day courses are taught at The Gateway education centre.

Our Education Centre: The Gateway

The Gateway in Shrewsbury is home to Manchester Metropolitan University's Biological Recording Unit which is part of the Division of Biology and Conservation Ecology. We share the premises with Shropshire Council in this purpose-built adult education centre.

As part of our unit, we house a biological recording library which includes the Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI)'s national library and this provides a specialist resource for our students who live throughout Britain and Ireland (and also mainland Europe) and travel in for the residential units.

At The Gateway we also offer identification day courses on a range of plant and animal identification plus workshops in microscopy. We run the BSBI's Field Identification Skills Certificates here and we also host biological recording conferences.

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To find out more, and receive an information pack or to attend one of our information days,
please contact

Division of Biology and Conservation Ecology,

Manchester Metropolitan University Shrewsbury Office,
The Gateway, Chester Street,
Shrewsbury SY1 1NB

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