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Staff - Division of Geography & Environmental Management

Dr Tim Edensor

Tim Edensor



+44 (0)161 2476284


Academic Interests

  • Spaces of tourism
  • National identities
  • Industrial ruins and wasteland
  • Urban and rural cultures
  • Materiality
  • Ordering and notions of disorder
  • Cultural memory
  • Geographies of rhythm and rhythmanalysis
  • Landscapes of Illumination

Teaching Specialisms

  • Theories of identity and space
  • Globalisation
  • Leisure and tourist space
  • Urban and rural cultures
Tim Edensor



+44 (0)161 2476284


Selected Publications

(2012) 'Reckoning with ruins'(with Caitlin DeSilvey), in Progress in Human Geography


(2011) A World of Cities: Urban Theory Beyond the West, London: Routledge (with Mark Jayne)

(2010) Geographies of Rhythm, Aldershot: Ashgate (edited)

(2009) Spaces of Vernacular Creativity, London: Routledge (edited with D.Leslie, S.Millington, N.Rantisi)

(2005) Industrial Ruins: Space, Aesthetics and Materiality, Oxford: Berg

(2002) National Identity, Popular Culture and Everyday Life, Oxford: Berg

(1998) Tourists at the Taj, London: Routledge


(2012) 'Illuminated atmospheres: anticipating and reproducing the flow of affective experience in Blackpool', in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space

(2012) 'Blackpool Illuminations: revaluing local cultural production, situated creativity and working class values' (with Steve Millington), in International Journal of Cultural Policy

(2012) 'Building stones and the production of multiple absences', in Cultural Geographies

(2011) 'Entangled agencies, material networks and repair in a building assemblage: The mutable stone of St Ann's Church, Manchester', in Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 36(2): 238-252

(2011) 'Comment' in Current Anthropology 52(2): 161-162

(2011) 'Vernacular Workplace Culture: the ghosts of collectivity haunt the future, for a special issue on 'Haunted Futurity', in Borderlands

(2010) 'The Rhythms of Walking' special issue of Visual Studies on art and walking

(2009) with Steve Millington: 'Illuminations, class identities and the contested landscapes of Christmas', in Sociology 43(1): 103-121

(2008) 'Mundane hauntings: commuting through the phantasmagoric working class spaces of Manchester, England', in Cultural Geographies 15: 313-333

(2008) 'Comment', in Current Anthropology 49(2): 263-264

(2008) with Julian Holloway: 'Rhythmanalysing the coach tour: the Ring of Kerry, Ireland', in Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 33: 483-501

(2008) with Caroline Christie and Bobby Lloyd: 'Obliterating informal space: the London Olympics and the Lea Valley: a photo essay', in Space and Culture 11(3): 285-293

(2008) with Steve Millington: 'This is our City: branding football and the myths of locality', in Global Networks 8(2): 172-193

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(2007) 'Snowboarders vs skiers: contested choreographies of the slopes', in Leisure Studies 26(1): 97-114. With Sophia Richards

(2006) 'Extending networks and mediating brands: stallholder strategies in a Mauritian market', in Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. 31: 323-326. With Uma Kothari

(2006) 'Reconsidering national temporalities: institutional times, everyday routines, serial spaces and synchronicities', in European Journal of Social Theory 9(4): 525-545

(2005) 'The ghosts of industrial ruins: ordering and disordering memory in excessive space', in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space.

(2005) 'Waste matter - the debris of industrial ruins and the disordering of the material world: the materialities of industrial ruins', Journal of Material Culture, 10(3)

(2004) 'Automobility and National Identity: Representation, Geography and Driving Practice', in Theory, Culture and Society, 21(4-5), pp 101-120.

(2003) 'M6: Junction 19-16: defamiliarising the mundane roadscape', in Space and Culture, 6(2), pp.151-168.

(2002) 'Haunting in the ruins: matter and immateriality', in Space and Culture, 11/12: 42-51.

(2001) 'Performing tourism, staging tourism: (re)producing tourist space and practice', Tourist Studies, 1: 59-82.

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(1997) 'Reading Braveheart: representing and contesting Scottish identity', Scottish Affairs, 21, autumn: pp. 135-158.

(1997) 'National identity and the politics of memory: remembering Bruce and Wallace in symbolic space', Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 29: pp. 175-194.


(2011) 'Materiality, time and the city: The multiple temporalities of building stone', in J.Rugg and C.Martin (ed) Spatialities: Geographies, Art, Architecture, Bristol: Intellect

(2011) 'The Sensuous Geographies of Tourism', in J.Wilson (ed) New Perspectives in Tourism Geographies, London: Routledge (with Emily Falconer)

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(2004)with Ibrahim Kodooruth

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(1998) 'The Culture of the Indian Street', in N. Fyfe (ed) The Image of the Street, London: Routledge

Tim Edensor



+44 (0)161 2476284