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Staff - Biology & Conservation Ecology

Professor A. Mark Langan

Professor of Higher Education, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)

Researcher of higher education practices, particularly the student experience and its measurement

Biologist specialising in ecology of terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates



Professional Highlights

  • National Teaching Fellow (NTF), Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA) and former Editor in Chief of the journal Bioscience Education.
  • Member of the Royal Society of Biology (MRSB)
  • Member of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (MIEEM)
  • Senior Learning and Teaching Fellow
  • Consultancy and integrated research with industry (e.g. Lonza, Switzerland)

Management Responsibilities

  • Associate Dean for Learning, Teaching, Assessment and Quality
  • Professional and curriculum development (includes the Professional Standards Framework and educational research)
  • Student retention and support
  • PhD and Postdoctoral supervision and examination
  • Student surveys and their development and interpretation

Recent External Roles

  • Collaborative research and consultancy
  • Funding referee for educational and science projects
  • External examiner
  • Former member of the Higher Education Academy Biosciences Committee
  • Former member of British Ecological Society Education Committee
A. Mark Langan



+44 (0)161 2471583


  • Field biology/ecology
  • Ecology and animal behaviour
  • Statistics

Academic Interests

  • Environmental impacts on invertebrate behaviour and ecology
  • Ecology, animal behaviour and evolutionary biology
  • Learning and teaching, particularly the National Student Survey, the student experience, learner autonomy and peer/self assessment.

Teaching Specialisms

  • Applied ecology and animal behaviour
  • Ecological fieldwork
  • Research methods and analyses
  • Educational methods for tertiary education

A. Mark Langan



+44 (0)161 2471583


Research Interests

  • Student engagement, success and satisfaction
  • Measures of learning gains
  • Impacts of stressors such as pesticides on invertebrate behaviour and ecology
  • Ecology of invertebrate pests and predators

Selected Publications

Langan, A. M., N. Scott, S. Partington, and A. Oczujda (2015). Coherence between text comments and the quantitative ratings in the UK's National Student Survey. Journal of Further and Higher Education, (ahead-of-print)1-14.

Langan, A.M., P.J. Dunleavy and A.F. Fielding (2013). Applying Models to National Surveys of Undergraduate Science Students: What Affects Ratings of Satisfaction? Education Sciences, 3, 193-207; doi:10.3390/educsci3020193.

Langan, A.M. (2012). Editorial: Quality StreetBioscience Education Journal, 19-0. available at

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Penney, D, Y. Marusik, C.P. Wheater and A.M. Langan (2009) First Gambian Ricinulei (Arachnida: Ricinoididae): northernmost African record for the order. Zootaxa 2021, 66-68.

Langan, A.M, D.M. Shuker, W.R. Cullen, D. Penney, R.F. Preziosi and C.P. Wheater (2008). Relationships between student characteristics and self, peer and tutor evaluations of oral presentations. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 33, 179-190.

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Shaw, E.M., M. Waddicor and A.M.Langan (2006). Impact of cypermethrin on feeding behaviour and mortality of the spider Pardosa amentata in arenas with artificial vegetation. Journal of Pesticide Management 62, 64-68

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Langan, A.M. and Shaw E.M. (2006). Responses of the earthworm Lumbricus terrestris(L.) to iron phosphate and metaldehyde based slug pellet formulations. Applied Soil Ecology 34, 184-189.

Langan, A.M, C.P. Wheater, E.M. Shaw, B.J. Haines, W.R. Cullen, J. Boyle, D. Penney, J. Oldekop, C. Ashcroft, L. Lockey and R.F. Preziosi (2005). Peer assessment of student presentations: effects of gender, cross-University affiliation and participation in the development of assessment criteria. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 30, 19-32.

A. Mark Langan



+44 (0)161 2471583