Selected recent publications

Bracebridge, C., Davenport, T. & Marsden, S.J. (2012). The impact of forest disturbance on the seasonal foraging ecology of a Critically Endangered African primate. Biotropica 44: 560-568.

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(2011). Can we extend the area of occupancy of the kipunji, a critically  endangered African primate. Animal Conservation 14: 687-696..

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(2010). Distribution of claylicks and their use by parrots across South
America: Do patterns of where help answer the question why? Ecography 33: 503-513.

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(2010). Between-patch bird movements and habitat restoration strategies for a high-Andean Polylepis woodland. Restoration Ecology 19: 74-82.

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(2006). Recovery within a population of the ‘critically endangered’ citron-crested cockatoo Cacatua sulphurea citrinocristata after ten years of an international trade ban. Oryx 40: 161-167.

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